Direct Branch Commit

Prior to this release, when users commit changes to git, ClickDeploy always generates a feature branch and commits changes to the generated feature branch. This approach promotes best practices and ensures that changes follow a proper pull request review process prior to merging.

While the above approach remains as a best practice, we have also received feedback from our users who would like the ability to commit directly to a target git branch. Direct branch commit feature is now available in this release.

Please note that Direct Branch Commit feature is currently disabled by default. If you would like this feature to be enabled for your team, please reach out to ClickDeploy support.

Org Sharing

We are glad to announce that org sharing feature is now enabled by default for all new teams. Previously, this feature was disabled by default and was only enabled upon user requests.

Bug Fix - GitLab Authentication Error

A recent change at GitLab API has caused authentication requests from third party apps including ClickDeploy to have failed. The GitLab authentication issue has been addressed in this release.

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