Salesforce API Version 49.0 Upgrade

As part of this release, we have updated ClickDeploy instances to align with Salesforce API version 49.0.

If you deploy directly from org to org, the default API version 49.0 will be used to retrieve and deploy metadata.

If you deploy or commit from/to an existing git repository, ClickDeploy continues to respect the API version defined in your git repository (in package.xml or sfdx-project.json). No actions is required from our users.

New Metadata Types Support

We added 4 new metadata types: Muting Permission Set, External Service Registration, Network Branding and Transaction Security Policy.

Team Role Management

With this release, teams can now self-manage team owner roles. That is, a team owner can assign or revoke team owner roles from other members without having to contact ClickDeploy support.

Outgoing Web-hook Enhancements

We added "$DEPLOYMENT_ACTION" variable which can be added to the payload as part of ClickDeploy outgoing web-hook functionality.

Diff View Comparison Enhancements

As part of this release, we made some improvements to our comparison engines to ensure that the diff view is reflective of the actual differences regardless of the various xml character formats/encodings or whitespace inconsistencies between source and target.

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